Air to Water Heat Pump - CAHP - 3HP - Storage Capacity - 450 liters

Air to Water Heat Pump - CAHP - 3HP - Storage Capacity - 450 liters

Air to Water Heat Pump - CAHP - 3HP - Storage Capacity - 450 liters


The CAHP heat pump water heater is an integrated system that utilises the heat pump technology to provide more efficient way to heat water with electricity. CAHP pulls heat from surrounding air and deposits the heat into the tank. The end result is very efficient production of hot water with cooler and dehumidified air as a welcome by-product.

Suitable for villas and light commercial applications.

Features :

Energy Saving & Environment Friendly :

  • ❱ Absorbs Environment heat and transfers it to the water, at the same time cooling and dehumidifying the ambient air.
  • ❱ "Environmental-friendly" R-134a refrigerant.
  • ❱ Dual operating modes maxi mise efficiency & meet increasing hot water needs.
  • ❱ High capacity storage tank enables heat pump to operate more frequently than the heating elements. This provides higher efficiency & cover operating costs, saving money for the home owner.

All Round Safety :

  • ❱ Triple protection - Humidity sensor, built-in Anti-dry & Anti-frost function.
  • ❱ Water can be heated upto 65°C with heat pump mode, which prevents breeding of Legionella bacteria.

Smart & Convenient :

  • ❱ Large LCD touch pad display which communicates current status and displays error messages in plain English when applicable.
  • ❱ Intuitive icons clearly indicate the current operating mode.

Operating Modes :

  • ❱ Efficiency : Energy conservation mode, Extracts heat from the surrounding air, concentrating the heat and transferring it to the water.
  • ❱ Hybrid : This mode uses the heat pump for efficiency, but will use the electrical element for quick recovery following increased hot water usage.

High Efficiency Condenser :

Internal & external two stage coil condenser. The external coil preheats the cold water at the bottom of the tank, there by improving the energy efficiency of the unit.