DEN Series

Electric Water Heater - DEN Series

Electric Water Heater - DEN Series

Technical Detail :

  • ❱ Glass coating, INCOLOY element and long anode bring long life water tank.
  • ❱ Triple protection on temperature guarantee safety.
  • ❱ 2" foam insulation, less heat loss.
  • ❱ Direct water supply reduce energy waste.
  • ❱ Available for both 220V and 380V power source.
  • ❱ Up to 2MPa operation water pressure.
  • ❱ Small size makes installation and service easier.

Glasslined Tank :

Thirteen sizes; 6 thru 119 gallon capacity. Tank interior is coated with glass specially designed by A. O. Smith for water heater use.

Elements :

Zinc plated copper sheaths for longer life. Medium watt density means lower surface temperature to minimize scale build-up and more surface to heat water. Element sizes from 1.5 to 6 KW. Maximum input 12 KW (see chart on back).

Standard Voltages :

120, 277 single phase and 208, 240 and 480V unbalanced three-phase delta; easily converted to single-phase at terminal block (except 208V with 6000 watt elements). Single element heater, single-phase only.

Terminal Block :

Factory-installed. Just bring the service to heater and connect to block. Terminal block not supplied on 120V & 277 volt models. (No junction box on DEL6-20)

Controls :

Temperature control (adjustable through arange of 110° to 170°F on single element and 120° to 180°F on dual element) and manual reset high temperature cutoff per element (dual element models). Factory-wired for non- simultaneous operation; easily converted to simultaneous element operation (three phase models only).

Specification :

Electric Water Heater - DEN Series Specifications